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  • Virtual Private Network technology
  • Work securely from home or the road
  • Let employees telecommute very safely
  • Save office rent and expenses
  • Securely connect branch and home offices
  • No device limits
  • VPN clients for all major PCs, Tablets, and Phones

At Caldwell Computer Consulting, we provide IT solutions for small business in the Gastonia, Lincolnton, Kings Mountain, Charlotte and other surrounding areas.  We have been in business a long time, and have worked with computers and networks for even longer.  

In today's world, showing up at the office from 9 to 5 just does not cut it anymore.  We all want and need more flexibility in our lives.  VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and that is exactly what it is; a Secure, Encrypted, Private Network that rides on top of the Internet.  Only you and whoever you grant access will be able to connect to the VPN, or see what is on it.

With a secure, encrypted VPN connection, you can be confident you can access your business network and systems safely and securely whenever and whereever you need to.  Your employees can securely work from home or the road.  You can safely access security and web cameras, without having to expose them to the entire Internet.  You can remotely disable anyone's VPN access, or enable/disable it whenever you wish.

You can also securely connect home or branch offices together to transfer files, make remote printing dead easy, and connect to your home or office PC as needed.  You can do almost anything across the VPN that you do when directly connected to the office network.

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